Everyone knows that applying moisturizer is very important for dry skin in the daily skincare routine.  Moisturize the skin on the daily basis prevent extreme dry and flaky skin. The main job of the moisturizer is to add moisture to the skin and help keep it from getting dry. In winters, dry skin needs a powerful moisturizer with a thick formula of active ingredients which helps to prevent moisture loss. First, find out what type of moisturizer you are using on the face daily. Try hydrating moisturizers in winters obviously homemade, which are chemical-free and natural.

In some cases of dry skin like eczema, psoriasis, or rosacea, always consult with your doctor before applying any homemade products.

Everyone wants glowing and flawless skin but only a few efforts and take care of the skin. Invest some time for yourself and prepare a homemade moisturizer for everyday use to get rid of flaky dry/dull skin. If you are honest with your skin always moisturize the skin with home remedies that are beneficial and cause no harm to the skin.

Types of Moisturizers.

Creams/ Lotions/ Oitments/ Gels.

  • Creams: Provides a high amount of hydration to the skin/ relatively heavyweight moisturizer. Both creams and lotions hydrate the skin but creams are the best option for dry skin specially in winters because creams are a mixture of oil (higher concentration of oil) and water. Creams are thicker in consistency which provides a barrier to keep the dry skin ultra-hydrated.

The cream contains oil and water-soluble components which help to protect the skin against the harsh effect of the environment and restore the outermost layer of the skin to its natural conditions.

  • Lotions: Relatively light in weight with a high amount of water. Advisable for oily skin. Applying lotion on extremely dry skin is a common mistake. They won’t give you hydration for a long time and cannot keeps the moisture on the dry skin. Lotions are easily and quickly absorbed on dry skin because of the higher percentage of water.
  • Gels: Light in weight. Absorbed on the skin fast rather than creams. Provides extreme hydration and glow to the skin.
  • Ointments: Ointments are the best choice for extremely dry/ cracked skin which usually occurs during winter in dry skin. Its oil-based formula keeps moisture locked/trapped in the skin for a long period.   

Homemade Moisturizer For Dry Skin In Winter| Easy DIY Faces Cream.

Homemade is the best option for dry/ dull skin. Natural ingredients are best for dull skin in winters. Try one of these Homemade Daily moisturizers For the Face to get youthful skin. Natural homemade moisturizers can be applied for every skin type either dry, oily, or sensitive because they cause no harm even for teenager skin. 

Read this article clearly for 3 homemade moisturizers for dry skin in winter.

  1. Homemade Moisturizer For Dry Skin In Winter|DIY Moisturizer.


  • Shea Butter (2 tablespoons)
  • Glycerine (1 teaspoon)
  • Almond Oil (1 teaspoon)
  • Lemon Juice (1 teaspoon)
  • Aloe vera Gel (3 tablespoons)
  • Tea tree oil (few drops) on acne-prone skin


  • Lemon Oil (few drops) for acne-free skin

Shea Butter Cream Recipe| Homemade Night Cream For Dry Skin.

  • Take 2 tablespoons of shea butter and melt it on a double boiler. Keep stirring until it melts completely, approximately takes 5-10 minutes then turn off the flame.
  • Allow it to cool.
  • Add in the melted shea butter other ingredients like aloe vera gel, almond oil, glycerine, lemon juice, and essential oil according to your skin condition.
  • Mix it well to form a cream-like texture/consistency.
  • Homemade Cream is ready.
  • Store it in an air-tight glass container. Glass is best to keep saved homemade products otherwise you can use a plastic container as well.
  • This natural cream can be stored for 15 days in the refrigerator.

How to use Shea Butter Cream?

This cream can be applied during the day time regularly or after every face wash. Avoid going outside after you put on this cream on the face. No need to wash the face after applying, just like normal commercial cream. If you have extra dryness on the skin or usually dry skin gets cracked at night time so it is the best option for this skin condition, it is best “Homemade Night Cream For Dry Skin.” Apply this cream at night before sleep. Next morning you will be amazed to see the moisturizing effects on your extra dry skin. Also, try one of these natural soap to get a natural glow and healthy skin.

Soaps For Dry Skin | Homemade Cleansers For Winter | 3 BEST MELT AND POUR RECIPES FOR DRY SKIN

Homemade Lotion With Coconut oil and shea butter.

Shea butter is an excellent natural moisturizer for the skin. You can make this lotion type by adding just two or three ingredients.

Shea butter is a potent skin lightener due to its highest concentration of Vitamin E. It deals with hyperpigmentation (which is very common in winters or even in summer in dry skin). It has soothing and anti-aging properties.

DIY Shea Butter Lotion:

Shea butter (2 tablespoons) + Coconut Oil (2 tablespoons) + Lemon Oil (4-5 drops)

A combination of coconut oil and shea butter makes the effect of moisturizing very powerful.

Melt shea butter and coconut oil and melt it on a double boiler. Keep stirring until it melts completely. Once melts, allow it to cool then add essential oil and mix well. Now store this in an airtight glass container. DIY coconut oil and shea butter are ready. Easy DIY cream. Apply this daily on the face. No need to wash the face after applying, just like normal commercial cream.

  • Homemade Moisturizer For Glowing Skin In Winter| Homemade Night Cream For Glowing Skin:


  • Rice (2 tablespoons)
  • Glycerine (2 teaspoons)
  • Aloe vera gel (2 teaspoons)
  • Vitamin E oil (1 teaspoon) or (4-5 capsule)
  • Castor Oil (1 teaspoon)
  • Lavendel oil (few drops) or tea tree oil ( few drops for acne or acne marks.
  • Rosewater (3-4 tablespoons)

Homemade Night Cream For Glowing Skin:

  • Wash the rice properly.
  • Soak it in the rosewater for about 3-4 hours.
  • Now grind this into a paste.
  • Strain with the help of a strainer.
  • The liquid you get after straining put this on a pan for about 2-3 minutes and keep stirring (low- medium flame)
  • After 2-3 minutes with continuous stirring, you will notice the liquid getting in a thicker consistency.
  • Turn off the flame.
  • Allow it to cool.
  • Now add other ingredients and mix it well to form a cream-like consistency.
  • Homemade cream is ready.
  • Store this in an airtight container.
  • This cream can be stored in the refrigerator for 10-12 days.

How to use homemade cream?

Apply this cream on a clean dry face daily for the best result. This cream moisturizes the skin and gives the skin a natural glow. This cream can be applied overnight to lock the skin’s natural moisture and leaves the skin youthful than ever.

  • Homemade Cream For Face Whitening | Homemade Day Cream For Fairness.


  • Red lentil powder/ Laal masoor daal (2 tablespoons)
  • Almond (5-6)
  • Glycerine (1 tablespoon)
  • Whitening capsule (2)
  • Aloe vera Gel (3 tablespoons)
  • Rosewater (3-4 tablespoons)

How to make Face Whitening Cream | Homemade Cream For Dry Skin

  • Take red lentil powder and almond oil and soak in rose water overnight ( 8-9 hours).
  • The next morning peel the almond, this will takes less time.
  • Grind both the ingredients without adding any water to form a paste.
  • Strain this mixture.
  • After straining the liquid you get, add aloe vera gel, whitening capsule, and glycerine to it to form a cream-like texture.
  • The cream is ready. Convert it into an airtight glass container to save.
  • This cream can be stored for 15 days in a refrigerator. 

How to use homemade cream for fairness?

This cream is best for day time, it will absorb on the skin quickly leaving the skin fresh and bright. Apply on the clean dry face and leave for dry. No need to wash the face after it gets dried just like normal commercial creams/moisturizers. Homemade creams are the best option for moisturizing the face without any harmful effect, so you can apply homemade creams during night time as well. Apply on the face before sleep and the next morning wash the face with the regular face wash/ cleanser. Also, try one of these natural soap to get a natural glow and healthy skin.

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