All About Chia Seeds You Need To Know

Do you know chia seeds can do wonders if you consume them every day? These tiny black seeds are a magical seed that works best for skin, hair, and health. Read this post till the end to know the top most amazing health benefits of chia seeds that you’ll love to know. Just grab some chia seeds, soak in water for few hours and consume it. I am sure you’ll love to see the result. Chia seeds as such have no side effects but you need to know to keep in your mind chia seeds’ side effects for your good health. 

Nutrients In Chia Seeds

  • 140 calories
  • Fiber (11 grams) 
  • Unsaturated fat (7 grams)
  • Traces of copper and zinc
  • High source of omega-3’s
  • Protein (4 grams)
  • A source of vitamins C and E

Health Benefits Of Chia Seeds 

  1. Stress buster

Chia seeds are rich in compounds like tryptophan and magnesium, which are known to lower stress levels and help you to sleep well. Eating chia seeds every day will make you feel more relaxed and fresh.

  1. Improve heart health

The essential fatty acids in chia seeds help to boost good cholesterol in our system, making a daily dose of it good for maintaining heart health.

  1. Excellent source of calcium

Nutrients like phosphorous, protein, and calcium are found in chia seeds in higher amounts. It’s the calcium in chia seeds that will benefit your bones. 

  1. Reduce blood sugar levels

Chia seeds may improve insulin sensitivity and blood sugar control. 

  1. Reduce chronic inflammation

Chronic inflammation often doesn’t have any visible signs, but can be assessed by measuring inflammatory markers in your blood. One 3-month study in 20 people with diabetes showed that Eating 37 grams of chia seeds daily helps to reduce inflammation.

  1. High in omega 3 fatty acids

Chia seeds contain a high amount of omega 3 fatty acids so these improve heart health. 

  1. Great in losing weight

Chia seeds are thought to be helpful with weight loss because of their high protein and fiber level. Protein is known to reduce appetite and leave you feeling satisfied and full. 

  1. Increase brain power

Chia seeds are the best food you can consume to improve your brainpower. Consume chia seeds every day will improve your memory

  1. Helps in sleeping well

Chia seeds are rich in compounds like tryptophan and magnesium, which are known to lower stress levels and help you to sleep well.

Tryptophan is found in chia seeds in higher amounts and this helps you sleep better. It also relaxes your brain that further helps you to sleep well. 

  1. High in quality protein

Chia seeds contain 19% protein. These seeds offer all nine essential amino acids and are thus a high-quality protein. Adding chia seeds to food is an easy way to add this important component to your food.

  1. High in fiber

Chia seeds are high in fiber (11 grams of fiber) fiber intake is linked to improved gut health and a lower risk of numerous diseases. Due to their extraordinary water-absorbing capacity, chia seeds increase the volume of foods in your digestive tract, leading to increased fullness and satisfaction leads to decreased food intake.

What Are The Best Ways To Eat Chis Seeds?

There are several ways to eat chia seeds. Make sure not to eat them dry. Sprinkle on salad or muffins or soak them overnight to eat. salad. Here are some tasty ideas:

Add to muffins

Stir into salad dressings.

Smoothies and soups

Overnight oats

Puddings and jams

You can also use it as an egg substitute in baking