Baked potato

Baked potato - Recibeauty
Baked potato - Recibeauty

Type: medium

Time :1 hour

Serves: 4 persons

Taste: creamy/ cheesy


Whole potato :4 medium

Cheddar cheese: half cup shredded

Cream cheese: half cup

Extra virgin olive oil: 4 tbsp.

Salt: to taste

Black pepper: 1 tsp

Green onions: half cup chopped

Chicken: boiled and shredded half cup


Before start making baked potato, turned on the oven in to 180 C. now in a baking tray put 4 washed whole potatoes and marinate it with olive oil and sprinkle some salt on it. Now put the tray in the oven and baked it for 30 minutes. Now take out the tray of baked potato and cut the potatoes in to half and with the help of spoon take out some potatoes from the potato shell. (leave a layer of potato attached with the skin). put the the mashed potato which came out from the bakes potato in to a bowl and add salt, pepper, onions, chicken and cheddar cheese in to it. And give it a good mix. Now in the potato shell pour 1 tsp of cream cheese in to each potato half, then add mashed potato mixture on top of the cream cheese. Now put it again in the oven. Bake it for 10 minutes in 180 C. The super delicious and creamy baked potatoes are ready to serve.